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Living on two continents, Europe and Africa, contrasts and energy fields I chose as an artist and sculptor in order to nourish and renew myself, to vibrate, feeling inspired and fully creative. Though the bottom line in my work has always been inspired by Zen traditions, it is very much infused by the rough and powerful beauty of African nature, as well as Europe's cultural background. 

I need it all for there is really no separation: the close connection to nature, cultural exploration and spirituality as a path and way of living.

My medium is mainly stone, though I also tried wood and bronze. My forms are soft and round, organic, they imply and accentuate the sensuality of the material as well as life as I perceive it. Harmony and keeping the essential are reflected in the pure lines of my sculptures - an inner attitude I search and explore in life, as well as making the vulnerable side of existence palpable and visible. Life cycles, nature symbols, the archaic power as well as the fragility and the sensitive memory of the material fascinate me.


I perceive carving as a dialog, a ritual, a cosmic dance transcending matter.

Pietrasanta, Italy, Anna Flaig


1956                 Born in Berne (Switzerland)

1983                 Translator diploma at the University of Applied Sciences in Zurich

1984 - 1990       Courses at the Art School “Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst” in Zurich

1990 - 1991       Sculptor courses a the Sculptor school in Peccia, Switzerland

2002 - 2005       Calligraphy courses with the Japanese master Sanae Sakamoto

2003                  Etching course at the Aquaforte studio in Lausanne

2007 - 2010       Working at the international sculptor studio Pescarella in Pietrasanta, Italy

2008                  Carving symposium Colorado, USA     

                          Lives and works in her own studio in Italy and South Africa

                          She also gives carving workshops

                 SOLO EXHIBITIONS (selection)  

2011                  Spirales (with Michael Legentil), Vivarium Lausanne, Switzerland     

2011                  Work on paper & Sculptures, Private Art Show, Montreux, Switzerland

2008                  Sinnliche Welten (with Harald Gnade), gallery Friendly Society, Berlin

2004                  Work on Paper & Sculptures, Promove, Montreux, Switzerland

2003                  Paintings, Work on paper & Sculptures, Maison Visinand, Montreux, Switzerland

2000                  Paintings & Sculptures, Technical High School, Lausanne, Switzerland        


      ART FAIRS      

2010                  Puls 5, Zürich, Switzerland

2003                  ART Basel, Switzerland       



2012                 Spirales by Michael Legentil (photograph) & Jan Abellan (graphic design)


            GROUP EXHIBITIONS (selection)

2016                 Donne, gallery Intrecciarte, Pietrasanta, Italy

2015                 Cape Friends of Calligraphy, Gallery Prince Albert, Prince Albert, South Africa  

2012                 Highlights, gallery Friendly Society, Berlin, Germany

2012                 Aus fernen Ländern, gallery Friendly Society, Berlin, Germany

2011                 Kleine Edelsteine – Paintings & Sculptures, gallery Friendly Society,Berlin, Germany  

2011                 Sculptures (with Sibylle Heusser), gallery Claudine Hohl, Zürich, Switzerland   

2010                 Highlights, gallery Friendly Society, Berlin, Germany

2010                 Roots  - The Spirit of South Africa, gallery Friendly Society, Berlin, Germany     

2010                 Resonance, Jewellery and Sculptures, Somerset Studio, Cape Town, South Africa

2008                 Les sens en tout sens, Espace culturel, culture path, Assens, Switzerland

2007                 Farbige Träume, gallery Friendly Society, Berlin, Germany

2003                 Linien, gallery Gisèle Linder, Basel, Switzerland

1996                 Sculptures, lake promenade an der Weesen, Switzerland

1995                 Sculptures, hospital Caritas, Locarno, Switzerland

1991                 Sculptures, museum di Valmaggia, Cevio, Switzerland





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